Nuro Secure
Group Messaging

Make time to make progress.
The smarter way for teams to communicate.

No credit card required. Start messaging in seconds.


Unlock real-time collaboration.
Lock-down privacy with military-grade tech.

Nuro secure group messaging

None of the noise of email.
All the ease of messaging apps.

Keep pace with colleagues and projects on any device, anywhere with Nuro’s user-friendly app.

Nuro enterprise messaging management control

Easy to integrate.
Easy to manage.

Nuro can integrate with existing enterprise apps and puts managers back in control of communication.

Nuro messaging platform for enterprise

In the cloud,
on-premise or hybrid.

It’s your choice of deployment: Nuro offers industry-leading flexibility and support.

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Jonathan Zaback

Nuro puts us back in control
of the conversation

“It’s extremely reassuring to know that Nuro’s centralised admin console is helping our IT staff to manage data exchange in all its aspects including notifying us of any anomalies so that they can be addressed in a timely manner.”

Jonathan C. Zaback, Chief Growth Officer & Partner, The CHR Group Inc.

Consumer-grade performance,
Military-grade protection.

Security is part of our DNA – from our founders’ global expertise to our state-of-the-art technology.
Nuro combines the easy-to-use features of consumer messaging apps with military-grade encryption.

As fast as text messaging, as functional as email – more secure than both. Nuro gives teams the power to collaborate in real-time, share files and keep pace on projects in a secure, private environment. Business data stays where it belongs: within the business.

Nuro secure messaging enterprise platform


Four layers of security backed by IBM Watson’s advanced machine-learning to detect rogue behaviour.

Nuro business messaging with encryption built in


Military-grade encryption ensures end-to-end data privacy.

Nuro business messenger for compliance industries

Ease of use

Share documents, videos and images easily and securely and sync instantly across devices.

Secure Messaging

Enhance existing apps with secure messaging

Nuro can integrate easily with existing enterprise apps and platforms to help you deliver reports, files and alerts securely.

Nuro integration
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In Partnership with
IBM Alpha ZoneIBM Watson



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