3 Top Trends Shaping Secure Messaging Today

13 September, 2016 by Ouriel Weisz

Today, trends come and go quickly. Still, a few stay around to actually impact technology. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the top three trends shaping the secure messaging world. If businesses are serious about adopting a secure messaging platform, they should be sure that the service they choose either covers these three trends or plans to in the future. After all, managers don’t want to be stuck with an application that refuses to innovate with the times. Fortunately, NURO Secure Messaging takes innovation seriously — we’re constantly on the lookout for ways to improve our application and have worked tirelessly to integrate the following trends into our secure messaging application.

That said, here are three trends shaping secure messaging today.


In 2009, Intel introduced “BYOD,” or “Bring Your Own Device.” It meant that employees could use their personal devices, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones, to access company servers and information.

Now, businesses and organizations are dealing with “BYOA,” or “Bring Your Own Applications.” It references a growing trend towards using third-party consumer cloud applications to store workplace materials, such as Dropbox and Google Docs. Like BYOD, BYOA is intended to boost employee ease, comfort, and productivity. However, it also brings about several security-related problems — basically, in storing corporate data on third-party applications, the IT department can no longer control, regulate, and protect confidential company information. This, of course, is dangerous to company cyber security.

So, in order to manage BYOA, businesses need to understand why employees feel they must use third-party applications in the workplace: convenience. Think, employees lacking convenience in their internal communications, will of course turn to outside applications. But, if businesses remedy this gap in employee satisfaction, then they can effectively lessen the influence of BYOA.

Introducing a secure messaging platform can do just that. Secure messaging platforms like NURO combine the best of both worlds: enhanced security features as well as the advantages of instant messaging. This includes efficient communication through real-time messaging, convenience, less time and effort needed to craft long emails, and more teamwork.

As BYOA becomes more prevalent, secure messaging applications will need to continue to integrate popular consumer app features.

Mobile First

If an application is Mobile First, it means that the online experience was designed for mobile-use before it was designed for desktop-use. And, in today’s mobile-centric world, this is becoming increasingly important for app designers. If secure messaging applications want to be competitive today, they will need to focus their platforms to be Mobile First.

NURO Secure Messaging is a Mobile First platform. Although NURO is also available on desktop, it was primarily designed with the mobile experience in mind. NURO wants to ensure that employees can continue to chat with their colleagues and share important information on the go — while still remaining secure. Essentially, it is NURO’s foremost concern that enhanced security does not compromise a convenient, easy user experience.


In addition to integrating the benefits of BYOA and Mobile First, secure messaging applications will need to add customization features to their platforms as well. This ensures that each organization — whether it’s a healthcare facility or a law office — is properly equipped to both meet compliance regulations as well as other industry-specific criteria.

NURO Secure Messaging can be used in just about any vertical: legal and advisory, finance and banking, insurance and risk management, travel and hospitality, supply chain and retail, and healthcare. Either way, it’s important that a successful secure messaging application offers a variety of feature that organizations and businesses can select and choose from. If the app is customized to fit the industry or business, then the business and employees will be able to get the most out of the experience.

In the end, watching trends and integrating the best ones into our secure messaging application is something we take very seriously at NURO. We are eager to see which trends will continue to shape this industry in the future. Are there any  important trends we missed?