NURO gathers momentum in a hot market

28 July, 2016 by Ouriel Weisz

California-based cyber security consultancy Momentum Partners, LLC has again included NURO Secure Messaging in its latest report.  NURO is included on the firm’s Watch List within its Cybersecurity Market report for Q2 2016. The influential market advisory firm, responsible for closing over 200 deals totalling $200 billion during 20 years of operation, first highlighted NURO six months ago in its Q3 2015 report.

Elsewhere NURO has been attracting attention from a number of industry commentators. Ian Murphy, joint editor at Enterprise Times, wrote: “NURO is closing a major security gap with NURO Enterprise II. Taking control of the different communication channels in use across an enterprise is difficult. Users are bringing their own collaboration and chat applications into the enterprise creating major security risks. As a result, any application that can improve the protection of data will get a favourable reception by security teams.”

Laura Hampton blog editor for business data provider Company Check cites new research that mobile technology businesses are failing to capture the imagination of investors on the BBC’s Dragons’ Den programme. “Over 14 series, only 18 investments have been technology related, with just one investment in a mobile app,” she writes. 

She notes that this is in sharp contrast with other data that clearly shows how hot the mobile space is right now.  For example, a study by Accenture of 1,925 senior decision makers in digital marketing and technology found that 87% believed apps were integral to their business’ future success.   Moreover global statistics provider Statista found that global app revenue in 2015 equated to $41 billion, with a projection for consumers to spend more than $101 billion through apps by 2020.

Laura concludes her article with a quote from NURO’s Mike Foreman who says: “The truth is mobile usage overtook desktop usage a couple of years ago. But brands, businesses and yes, the Dragons need to update their thinking. All the evidence points to mobile as the future.”