NURO Secure Messaging & Watson – Protection Against Leakage of Confidential Information (DLP)

3 November, 2015 by omrisigelman

IBM held the Insights annual event this past October in Las Vegas. At the event, Lori Zapet VP at IBM Watson announced the contracts Watson has signed with Israeli Startups, the first being with NURO Secure Messaging.   See the formal announced below (translated from the Hebrew original):

NURO Secure Messaging: Protection against leakage of confidential information

NURO Secure Messaging, an IBM Alpha Zone Accelerator Class#2 Alumni is amongst the first start-ups to have built a product based on Watson. NURO has developed an enterprise grade secure messaging platform that combines encryption, transparency and compliance. NURO Secure Messaging offers organizations, their customers and partners the ability to communicate through secure private messaging (in individual and group chats) in a controlled environment. Using Watson’s cognitive computing, NURO’s system detects abnormal behavior and provides real-time alerts to the organizations, thereby protecting organizations from potential leakage of confidential information.   NURO Secure Messaging Login Screen

Read the full article, in Hebrew, here