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Cut the email clutter and keep pace with
colleagues and projects.

Using enterprise collaboration can boost productivity by up to 25%. So start unlocking your time by swapping overloaded email for NURO’s secure enterprise collaboration platform.

wherever you are.

Multi-Device Sync

NURO keeps you up-to-date whether you’re on Android, iOS
or Windows. Team messages and files sync automatically across devices so you’ll always keep pace with projects and colleagues.

Business messenger for desktop and mobile
Business messenger built for business

NURO – Built for Business.

Group Messaging: 3rd party

NURO has the natural ease of a consumer app, but is built for
business, create teams in seconds, group conversations into topics, projects or just one-to-one discussion.

Share files, images and videos easily – and see when they’ve been read in real-time.

No time to type?
Jump on a call.

VOIP Calling

Easily collaborate with colleagues and business
partners using voice for fast, effective
decision-making and resolution.

Group messaging with voice message capability

What makes NURO different? Security.

Security is part of NURO’s DNA – from our founder’s expertise to the four layers of security that keep your
data safe. Your teams activity will be protected by military-grade security and IBM Watson’s power to detect rogue activity.

Secure Messaging
NURO group messaging search functionality

Search your archive.

Fully Searchable

Tired of having to search for old email threads? NURO
automatically indexes messages, files and notifications
so you can find what you need at your fingertips.

Secure messaging and
file-sharing across devices.

Secure attachments

NURO’s in-app file viewer and media player makes it easy for you to share confidential files and view or play them securely without downloading them onto the device.

Sharing files in team messaging
Do not disturb in business messaging

Alerts and Notifications.

Do not disturb

Features like do not disturb and message
muting keeps you in control of what you send
and when you’re available.

Secure Messaging and Collaboration anywhere, with anyone.

Go beyond mobile and communicate, work anywhere with NURO on your desktop or mobile.

NURO business messaging platform

Create teams in seconds.

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