Group Messaging For Your Office: How To Find The Perfect App

1 February, 2016 by omrisigelman

It’s clear, that today, more and more companies are adopting group messaging services in order to improve team productivity and collaboration. It might seem that there are many applications on the market offering potential customers the same product, however, this is not the case. In fact, each application platform is unique and offers various beneficial features. In combing through the top applications, we’ve found that there are five things all the best workplace group messaging platforms have. Here they are:  
  • Security, Security, Security

  This is perhaps the most important aspect of group messaging services. Especially today,, cyber security breaches are unfortunately very common among businesses — both large and small. In fact, PwC expects, that within this next year, nearly all businesses will experience some type of security breach. In addition, in recognizing that the majority of these breaches are due to internal insider threats, such as lost or stolen devices and inadvertent misuse of information by employees, this statistic is especially worrisome. It’s for this reason, that group messaging applications, in which employees share confidential information such as banking information, financial data, company trade secrets, and more, remain absolutely safe and secure.   There should be a minimum of four layers of security: end to end security; at the user’s device, encryption during transit, encryption at rest, and cognitive security that predicts breaches. This helps mitigate the security risks that come with BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device, a trend in which companies encourage their employees to use their own devices (laptops, smartphones) to access business information.  
  • Company Sanctioned

  If a messaging platform is company sanctioned, it means that it can be integrated for deployment within any organization using APIs, giving the information technology department complete control of the product. Yes, it’s a subsection of the security aspect, but so important, we felt it deserved its own bullet point. In purchasing a group messaging platform that is company sanctioned, organizations can be sure that the information moving back and forth between their employees stay within the network of the organization and never flow to an unknown, potentially unstable third-party server.   Plus, it means that the application can be white-labeled or branded to fit the theme of the organization’s brand. That’s always fun!  
  • Messaging and Attachments

  This point is extremely important. If the application doesn’t support both messaging and attachments, what exactly is the point? After all, these types of platforms are meant to be a simple alternative that solves the hassle heavy email sharing that notoriously clutters up inboxes. And, in staying on the theme of security, applications that go the extra mile are the ones that ensure that documents opened on mobile devices are never actually saved on the device itself — essentially, that they offer secure attachments. This means that everything stays within the application, so that if mobile devices are lost or stolen (remember BYOD?), the confidential documents and photos shared with colleagues remains secure.  
  • Supports Multiple Devices

  Today, everything is on the go: coffee, breakfast, and even work. Increasingly, employees are accessing their office work on multiple devices in order to satisfy quick, fast-paced lives. This includes: smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Thus, for a group messaging platform to be extremely beneficial to employees, it must support accessibility on all types of devices. There are several applications, for example, that only support mobile (or even worse, either just Android or just iOS).  
  • Simplicity

  In the end, the group messaging platform must be simple and easy to use. Often, the platforms that are the most secure aren’t very intuitive for employees, especially if the employees aren’t inherently tech-savvy. In addition, the security features shouldn’t compromise the user experience. It should still be fun and encourage collaboration. This is the main advantage of group messaging, and what attracts employees. It not only keeps them entertained, but focused and efficient as well.  
  • Data Leak Prevention

  Of course, at NURO, security is always our top concern. That said, we feel that an extra layer to ensure that absolutely nothing gets through the encrypted messages is absolutely essential. For this reason, we recommend that group messaging applications for businesses ought to be equipped with a data leak prevention (DLP) feature. This cognitive layer detects potential breaches by identifying abnormal patterns within messages. If something seems out of the ordinary, the application moves to fight the potential breach. If, in your search, you look out for these six important features, then you will be sure discover the best group messaging app for your business. In short, security and ensuring that messages remain protected and owned by the company are the most essential aspects to take into consideration. However, this shouldn’t compromise even the most basic features of group messaging.