Group messaging and collaboration control

25 July, 2016 by Ouriel Weisz

Putting group messaging and collaboration control back in the hands of the customer.

Earlier this month NURO Executive Chairman JR Smith spoke with, a US tech website that covers the news, views and experiences of entrepreneurs at innovative tech startups. 

We thought it would be helpful to share with you some of the excellent points JR made in his interview with them. 

Q: When did NURO Secure Messaging start?

A: NURO was founded in 2014 in Tel Aviv by JR Smith, Eran Pfeffer and Omri Sigelman, a team of seasoned security and mobile industry entrepreneurs.

Q: What’s wrong with existing group messaging and collaboration platforms?

A: Almost every group chat application today fails to meet enterprise requirements across all devices from the perspectives of security, privacy and data ownership to transparency, management and compliance. NURO Secure Messaging was developed as an independent standalone platform that addresses all of these challenges.

Q: What does NURO Enterprise II do?

A: NURO is the only team messaging and collaboration platform that works across all mobile devices, your office workstation and the web. It is also the only group chat platform capable of analysing message patterns and providing IT departments with the tools they need to ensure confidential staff communications adhere to accepted codes of practice and take proactive steps to prevent the risk of sensitive data being leaked.

NURO is also the only platform that implements secure, advanced encryption of data at the endpoint, in transit via HTTPS and at rest in the organisation’s central database. No data is kept on the mobile device, everything is stored on the customers’ encrypted on premises servers. NURO puts full control of group messaging in the hands of the customer. This includes everything from data ownership and manageability to visibility of who uses the platform along with how and when it is used.  The platform is also extremely easy for internal employees and outside parties such as partners and customers to use.

Q: Who benefits from using it?

A: The benefits both from a user/employee and from an organisational perspective are substantial. From an end user point of view using NURO could not be simpler. They just download the app from Apple Store or Google Play and access with their own personal private login. They have all the convenience of a consumer app like WhatsApp or iMessage with the added benefits of knowing all conversations are secure and private.

From a corporate view point deploying NURO can boost overall productivity while keeping all company confidential information under control. Full encryption throughout keeps out hackers and ensures data is free of malware or socially engineered threats. The data stays behind the company’s internal firewall and IT administrators are able to manage everything via a central console.  

NURO also integrates with other corporate systems such as reporting, data transfer, alerting and so on and is fully customizable from a backend functionality (rights) as well as a branding (look and feel) perspective.

Q: What other features does NURO possess?

A: NURO does not restrict users to communicating just by text and voice. It also allows them to send images, documents and other data types securely and privately. It’s important to stress that nothing ever leaves the NURO platform. When you open a document in NURO it stays within the NURO secure environment the whole time. This is quite unlike other messaging platforms that open documents with outside third-party apps or Google/Apple/MSFT applications. 

From an administration point of view NURO has a fully functional management platform with featuring all the tools such as controls, transparency and alerting capability they need.  Creating and deleting groups and/or individuals is straightforward, while chats can be archived or integrate with calendars to set reminders and so on. The platform is also fully searchable so that authorised parties can locate anything in rapid time. It does this all with world class security and privacy.

Q: Why should companies start using NURO Secure Messaging?

A: In a recent Neilson study, 97% of people in the workplace are using some form of group messaging platform in the workplace and the majority of these apps are consumer grade apps with no security, privacy, manageability, transparency to the corporate and are definitely not compliant with local regulations around security and privacy. Group messaging is fast replacing email as the default method of communication in most organizations both for communications between internal teams and for consulting with external parties for fast, effective decision-making. NURO is quick, convenient and personal. It can even integrate easily with legacy messaging systems. 

Email belongs to the days of the static office-bound computer. The world has gone mobile and business owners need to start using a messaging platform that is purpose built to support business on the move. One that gives them the security, privacy and manageability they need to keep sensitive data confidential and stay compliant.