How Can Company Instant Messaging Benefit Your Business?

9 February, 2016 by omrisigelman

It was the mid-1990s when AOL first popularized instant messaging. MSN, Yahoo!, and others quickly followed suit after recognizing that instant messaging was becoming mainstream — people thoroughly enjoyed the convenience and ease of chatting with friends in real-time on their desktop computers.

At the time, instant messaging had typically been used in social settings. However, as SMS and social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become more prevalent, instant messaging platforms have quietly suffered; but instant messaging made a comeback … in the businesses sector.   

Let’s take a look at a few examples of how company instant messaging is helping businesses not only increase workplace efficiency but also keep sensitive corporate information safe and secure.

Save Time And Effort

It’s pretty straightforward that instant messaging saves businesses immense time and effort. First, it takes much less time to type out a quick text than to painstakingly construct a well thought out email. Second, because communication is instant and in real-time, it saves coworkers the often unnecessary back and forth that comes with long-winded emails and back-and-forth phone tag.

Boosts Productivity

Because instant messaging allows teams to communicate easily, colleagues can ultimately solve problems faster and more efficiently as well. This is because concise messages are inherently more efficient: they get straight to the point, are highly relevant, and often require a simple yes or no answer. Thus, instead of dedicating long email threads or lengthy conference calls to deciding something, instant messaging allows important decisions to be made swiftly and without tedious roadblocks. In the end, this ease moves projects along quickly, permitting teams to accomplish more tasks in the same amount of time.

Plus, the back and forth of real-time messaging encourages brainstorming. Because instant messaging is like stream-of-consciousness writing, there’s no bad idea — employees might be less hesitant to jump into the conversation and add their two cents. Essentially, instant messaging breaks formality barriers, employees are more inclined to participate in brainstorming sessions.

Encourage Teamwork

Instant messaging platforms encourage teammates to work together. Today, teams are often scattered throughout different countries (especially as freelancing becomes more common),  it’s necessary that everyone on the team stays on the same page and is in constant communication with one another. It’s easy to get lost in long email threads and hectic conference calls. However, in opening up a group chat, teammates can ensure that they never miss a beat — no matter in the world where they’re located.

Ensure Intense Security

Today, cybersecurity is a major problem that businesses both big and small must tackle. Most often, companies experience security breaches because employees mishandle devices and communication platforms, not because external attackers target the site. In other words, businesses must be weary of insider threats, or the inadvertent misuse of sensitive information. Typically, insider threats come about because employees have either lost their devices or because the information they share with colleagues isn’t encrypted.

Fortunately, there are secure instant messaging platforms that are geared towards ensuring that messages remain safe and protected from cybercriminals. This is because the platforms encrypt messages on four different levels: at the user’s device, during transit, at rest, and it even includes a cognitive security layer that predicts future breaches. This fourth layer is unique NURO feature. It acts as a DLP (Data Leak Prevention) and identifies abnormal patterns within the messages — if something is out of the ordinary, there’s a possibility the organization is risking a potential security breach. Thus, by adopting instant messaging for businesses, managers can ensure that all team communication remain secure, highly diminishing the chances of possible security breaches.   

Clearly, instant messaging services offers businesses many benefits. In fact, the advantages of secure instant messaging over most other forms of communication (email, texting, fax) are undeniable. This is because, not only does it facilitate increased productivity and efficiency within the workplace, but it also ensures that communication among employees remain safe and protected — ultimately saving businesses from possible security breaches.