How To Find The Most Secure Messaging App For Your Business

7 January, 2016 by omrisigelman

With the immense amounts of corporate data traveling between devices, there should be no leniency in implementing security and protection measures for business communications – no gap should be left uncovered, otherwise, some of all that corporate information could fall into the wrong hands. Corporate America seems to expect its employees to send and receive hundreds of work-related messages a day. In fact, I’m confident that there’s rarely a time when your work inbox is empty; unless you’re a zero inbox adept you’ve probably accumulated about 10,000 unread messages just sitting there waiting for you to delete or read them. This is why the best corporate messaging apps have several layers of security – to ensure absolute protection. In searching for a secure messaging app, businesses must be sure that it encompasses at least: encryption during transit, encryption at rest, and security at the user’s device. And, if they want to be extra careful, cognitive security that can predict future breaches offers extra safety and peace of mind. This is of course, in addition to making certain that the creative and development team behind the product are not only capable and dedicated, but also forward thinking in that they are leading the latest technology developments. That said, let’s take a look at the components that make up the most secure messaging applications on the market.  

End-to-End Security

In this case, end-to-end security means that the messages are encrypted at all points – at rest, in transit, and at the user’s devices. Specifically, data is encrypted at rest, referring to the inactive messages that are physically stored within the application; data is encrypted in transit, referring to the messages that have just been sent and are floating in networks until they reach their destination; and lastly, data is encrypted at the user’s device, referring to the inactive data that’s stored on the device itself. This multi-layer encryption ensures that there’s no possible way for corporate messages to accidentally fall through the cracks. After all, each layer is put in place for a specific. reason – for example, the security layer geared towards encrypting the data on the user’s device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, is especially important, seeing that lost or stolen devices is a leading cause of data breaches among businesses today.   cover_and_pic-03

Cognitive Security

In addition to end-to-end encryption, there is another crucial security layer: cognitive security, the most innovative security layer in secure messaging. Essentially, this cognitive layer identifies abnormal patterns within messaging – the risk is that because they’re out of the ordinary, they may turn out to be potential security breaches. The cognitive layer acts as a DLP (Data Leak Prevention), which in effect protects organizations from data breaches. This in turn enables businesses to stay one step ahead of threats that internal security breaches represent, and equips them with the means to respond quickly. Because internal breaches are typically accidental and inadvertent, this cognitive security layer is essential in helping businesses stay as safe and protected as they can possibly be.  

Core Expertise in Security And Commitment To Innovation

Naturally, confirming that a secure messaging application is backed by a team of dedicated cybersecurity experts is just as important as reviewing the distinguishing features of the application itself. This is because only a group of experts who have committed themselves to learning and understanding cybersecurity trends is able to provide its users with the best, most up-to-date products. Plus, in ensuring that the application is developed by those with a core expertise in  cybersecurity, businesses can be certain that the product they’re purchasing is not only valuable, but also innovative and at the forefront of its industry. After all, isn’t it a relief to know that a team of experts is doing everything they can to ensure your messaging security at all times? At the end of the day, seeing to it that the secure messaging application you choose both has distinguishing, innovative features as well as a team of dedicated individuals behind it, is absolutely essential. This is because, in order to prevent cyber security attacks and breaches, businesses must implement a mix of security solutions, policies, employee education and training, and constant updates. By using a cyber secure messaging application that erects barriers protecting their sensitive data, chances that their sensitive information will be accessed are minimised or null.