Powerful Integrations
The possibilities are endless

Integrate into Business Critical Systems.

Management and Controls

NURO’s platform approach means you can easily integrate your existing systems and infrastructure to manage NURO. Connect to your Active Directory or any other LDAP server to easily manage user credentials.

Want to utilize your existing storage space rather then our trusted cloud partners? No problem, NURO’s flexible platform allows you to choose where to store messages giving you full control.

Expand existing functionality

Connect NURO into your existing systems to expand and enhance functionality with secure messaging channels.

Have secure messages feed into your CRM or know who you are delivering confidential reports from your ERP / Finance systems to within NURO.

5th layer of security.
Tie in with your existing security.

Leverage your existing compatible security solutions to provide additional layers of security to NURO. Double check for malware using your own Anti virus in conjunction with NURO’s own. Or apply your DLP systems own rules to messages.

NURO will also plug into E-Discovery and archiving systems to record messages along your other important data.

NURO security layers for enterprise messaging
NURO API and SDK opportunties

Easy to Integrate.


Create your team in seconds. Add NURO to your existing apps to deliver confidential reports, messages and alerts. Leverage our native SDKs and APIs to get under way quickly.

You’re in control. Pink, Blue. Whatever color you like.


You can co-brand NURO with your own brands and colours. You can connect NURO to your CRM-platform to chat securely to customers.

  • Adding your branding will help build engagement with your team during initial deployment.
  • Adding your logo and colours will be a signal of quality and security to reassure clients .
NURO secure messaging co-branded platform
NURO customer success and on-boarding team

Here to help on-board, train and manage your roll-out of NURO

Customer Success Team

Designed to succeed. Success of a new technology depends on how well it’s introduced and managed. NURO’s customer success team has extensive experience working closely with organizations to design, onboard and maintain successful NURO deployments.

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