State of the art security
Built to keep business data private

Keeps confidential data where it should be – in your business.

Consumer messaging apps are already in your workplace – which means confidential data is already at risk of leaking out. NURO combines ease-of-use of a consumer app with military-grade security to ensure that confidential business data stays where it belongs: within the business.

“A very real cyber danger exists today in many organizations that isn’t on most CEOs radars – and it needs to be. When I was CEO OF AVG, we solved the dangers encounted on email platforms worldwide for both private and business purposes, It’s time to clamp down on the dangers of unsecured messages being shared all over the world”

Trusted by CEOs and IT experts.

Security is part of our DNA – from our founders’ global expertise to our state-of-the-art technology. Four layers of security are backed by IBM Watson’s advanced machine-learning to detect rogue behaviour. Military-grade encryption ensures end-to-end data privacy.

NURO military grade encryption


NURO encrypts all data at rest using AES 256-bit. Data storage and processing is constantly monitored and updated.

NURO powered by IBM Watson

Powered by
IBM Watson

IBM Watson’s machine-learning helps drives NURO’s security and detect rogue activity.

NURO mobile security

app threats

NURO encrypts all information on mobile devices, and prevents transferred files from being saved into devices, for extra safety.

NURO anti-malware


NURO scans links and files for malware allowing documents to be shared with confidence.

NURO semantic filtering


NURO’s system monitors flagged content and keywords defined as high risk by security agencies and alerts organizations of potential vulnerabilities.

NURO DLP 4th security layer

4th layer security

In addition to end to end security, NURO includes a unique cognitive security layer that detects potential breaches. As a DLP, NURO offers enhanced protection from inside threats.

NURO hardened OS

Operating System

NURO runs on hardened Linux servers, and externally exposed critical patches are addressed immediately.

NURO disaster recovery


Messages and data are securely stored in the cloud – making it easy to recover and restore if other systems fail.

Travis Wallis

With NURO our security
and privacy is assured

“In our line of work it is imperative that all communications is secure and completely within our control in order to stay compliant. NURO is a vital component in ensuring sensitive or confidential information stays private and can be audited at a later stage.”

Travis Wallis, CEO and Investment Partner, TH3ORY Inc

Keeping your device
and data secure.

Data Protection

Keep your data safe with our remote lock and wipe functions.

Data Security

NURO’s PIN function gives you the power to lock-down your device.

NURO mobile device security
Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud Platform
IBM SoftLayer

Hi-tech, round-the-clock data centre security.

We apply our security-first thinking to everything we do – from the technology driving our app, to our data centre operations and how we collaborate with our trusted cloud providers.

Data Centre Security

Only web facing API servers are connected to the Internet. All servers and the NURO database are behind internal firewalls allowing only authorised traffic to pass through.

Continuity and Reliability

NURO is built as a scalable and redundant system – meaning we provide uptime in the event of higher usage loads or disruption due to component failure. It is designed as an always-on system. The majority of updates are done on the back end with no disruption to the user.

Hardened Operating System

NURO runs on hardened Linux servers with hard drives encrypted to military level. We block unauthorised traffic and have built in multiple layers of protection against a DDOS attack. We subject our systems to regular vulnerability and security pen testing audits.

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