Compliant and secure
NURO helps teams communicate with confidence

Unlock collaboration: maintain compliance.

Consumer apps are already in the workplace – putting confidential data at risk at of leaking out. NURO gives your team confidence to communicate quickly and efficiently, wherever they are, without jeopardising regulatory SOX compliance.

Controls geared for compliance.

NURO helps you audit, track and trace messages and data to demonstrate regulatory compliance. You’ll have the confidence of military-grade security, and the tools to export the usage data you need.

NURO team messaging compliance exports


Use NURO to export the information you need about usage and messages – whenever you need it.

NURO behaviour and malware analysis


NURO scans all files and links for malware – and allows you to scan using your own antivirus product.

NURO enterprise messaging auditing features


Track user logins, messages and file-sharing as well as administrator actions.

NURO encrypted messaging for business archiving


Encrypted messages are archived and even deleted messages can be retrieved.

State-of-the-art security and detection.

Data leak prevention

IBM Watson helps drive NURO’s security and detect rogue activity.

NURO secure messaging powered by IBM Watson

Maintain regulatory compliance and communicate with confidence.

We don’t hide behind small print: NURO’s strict control policies and audit procedures mean that your data is safe with us. Your messages and files are not readable by our team. We’re SOC2 compliant and run our business to stringent SOX rules.

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