Easy management controls
You control who sees what, when and for how long

Total management control of enterprise
messaging with NURO admin.

Communication control.

NURO’s comprehensive suite of management controls allow you to keep track of who See’s what, when and for how long.
From an easy-to-use web admin portal.

Group level policies.

Give direct support any team, department or project with group-level polices from NURO admin – our easy-to-use web admin portal.

NURO enterprise messaging controls
Travis Wallis

With NURO our security
and privacy is assured

“In our line of work it is imperative that all communications is secure and completely within our control in order to stay compliant. NURO is a vital component in ensuring sensitive or confidential information stays private and can be audited at a later stage.”

Travis Wallis, CEO and Investment Partner, TH3ORY Inc

The messaging app built for business needs.

Audit trails and team analytics

NURO provides an audit trial of secure messages – and a dashboard to help track trends on how, where and when teams are collaborating.

Team messaging audit and analytic controls for business
Mobile business messaging controls and DLP

Anti-copy: leak prevention.

Message control

Restricting copying and forwarding gives you extra data security and controls – ensuring messages don’t leak and are only seen by who you intended.

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