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Collaborate quickly, securely and privately

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Giving you back control of your data.

Hackers are trying to break in. Staff are using consumer apps. There are multiple ways for confidential data to leak from your business. NURO puts you back in control – letting staff collaborate quickly and securely – and privately.

Manage communication your way.

Privacy Controls

Each chat is its own encrypted channel to ensure that only the people you want to access messages can see them.

Private mobile business messaging
NURO secure mobile notifications

Keep snooping consumer apps locked out.

Secure Notifications

NURO’s proprietary notification system doesn’t rely on Google or Apple to keep you up to date. NURO keeps confidential conversations away from snooping third party apps.

No time to type? Say it and send it.

Voice messaging

Use NURO to record and send voice messages when you need to say more than you’ve got time to type.

NURO secure messaging for BYOD

Rely on NURO to respect privacy.

We don’t hide behind small print: NURO’s strict control policies and audit procedures mean that your data is safe with us. Your messages and files are not readable by our team. We’re SOC2 compliant and run our business to stringent SOX rules. .

Control and audit policies

All NURO employees are prohibited from viewing customer data unless necessary – and if our audit process means any access is properly logged.


All NURO staff honour and respect our clients’ confidentiality – it’s not just paperwork, it’s what we believe and how we work.

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