The Marker’s “Israel a Power of Instant Messaging”, Recognizes NURO in it’s Shortlist

24 December, 2015 by omrisigelman

It is always a pleasure to see our work receive external accolades, in particular when it’s right here at home!

The Marker, a major economy and technology publication in Israel, today dedicated a long piece to Instant Messaging, and recognized NURO as one of the three most prominent companies in the field.

We’ve translated the relevant part of article for a broader readership.

Israel is a Mini-Empire in the instant messaging field, that is not only because the category was invented here but also due to continuous success. 

Israel’s Mirabilis invented the IM service ICQ, which at its peak reached 100 million users. In June 1998 the company was sold to AOL for what was, back then a record price – $400 million.

As standard for the digital world, messaging has seen some ups and downs, nevertheless instant messaging applications have become the golden category for smartphones, and only later move on to the desktop.

The WhatsApp acquisition by Facebook has affected the entire industry, and catapulted fundraising and exits despite the fact that most companies in the industry do not have a proven business model.

Viber is the greatest Israeli success story in the instant messaging industry with messaging and free VoIP calls. In February 2014 the company was sold to the American Rocaton Corporation for $900 million. Today Viber is the world’s fourth largest instant messenger, with 521 million users and a business model of selling stickers in the app.

Placed seventh in the world, by applications ratings (according to the news website magazine Business Insider), BI Intelligence, is Tango – an American app from Israeli entrepreneurs Uri Raz and Eric Setton. The company raised a huge sum in 2014 of $280 million at a company value of $ 1.1 billion, but recently had to lay off 80 employees.

On the tail of these mainstream apps, are three prominent companies: NURO, which develops a messaging platform for organizations, with a focus on encryption and cyber security; Rounds specializing in video calls, and that has recently completed an impressive financing round of $12 million; and Glide, which specializes in short video messages, and raised $20 million last year.

It’s an honor to be recognized amongst such messaging giants like Rounds and Glide, however both these solutions are consumer oriented, whilst NURO Secure Messaging is designed for businesses. With NURO your organization can communicate in a secure and compliant environment. Featuring end to end security, cyber-grade encryption and a 4th cognitive security layer, NURO is effectively a Data Leak Prevention solution, that protects your organization from security breaches.

If you read Hebrew, see the printed article below or go here to read the full article.

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